WA Unlocked Film Festival

WA Unlocked is taking film festivals back to their grass roots.

As the digital age has generated a reach of global proportion – and film festivals have followed suit – WA Unlocked has arrived to remind the world of why Western Australia is an integral part of the Australian film industry.

Both present and future.

Incorporating only WA productions, locations, music, food, beverages, and judges, we are ensuring a night of local fun and discovery. Filmmakers and audiences alike are given the opportunity to intertwine in a unique environment; reflective of the film festivals of old.

Screening short films, documentaries, animations, web series and music videos, you can be assured of a variety of amazing content.

Located at the awesome, Johnny Ma Studios, we can guarantee a fun filled evening, where you will walk away in awe of the spectacle provided by the emerging talents of Western Australia.

Meet The Team

Jesse Laurie
Festival Director

Jesse is currently a Senior Lecturer at SAE Creative Media Institute, and founding member of Screenwriters WA and Pinnacles Screen Co. Jesse has also completed his Masters in Screen Studies: majoring in screenwriting and directing; as well as a Script Coverage and Analysis course at UCLA.

Joshua Walker
Programme and Partnerships Coordinator

Josh Walker is a local Writer/ Director/ Producer for stage and screen. He has a masters in film direction, a BA in acting and a passion for discovering new talent. He teaches acting and improvisation, chairmans a theatre company and has great difficulty writing about himself in the third person. The WA Unlocked film festival is important to him because he feels there are not enough methods for new artists to showcase their work.

Hannah Moran
Communications Director

Hannah Moran completed her Masters in Producing at the WA Screen Academy and was CEO of the non-profit film production company WASTV Inc. for over 3 years. She is now a Dama and Media High School teacher and enjoys working with WA Unlocked to continue to assist the local filmmakers of Perth be seen and heard.

Mike Moshos
Graphic Design & Social Media Coordinator

Mike Moshos is a passionate filmmaker and actor who teaches his crafts as an arts support worker at DADAA Inc. in Fremantle, helping talented individuals living with disability to fully express their creative potential. In his spare time Mike partakes in a healthy number of community theatre and film projects around Perth.